What's the use of pumice?

Pumice is a volcanic abrasive that is useful for a pre-polish or "dirty polish" step on your glass. We carry three main grades of pumice:

  1. 0-1/2, which is a fairly rough pumice almost comparable to fine sand. It will actually remove material from you glass surface and is a good step for cleaning up from a more aggressive surface.
  2. 2F, which is a medium fine pumice and all around good choice for cleaning up your surface in preparation for using cerium to accomplish your final polish. This helps cut down on cerium usage and the time it takes to achieve a full polish on your glass.
  3. 4F, which is a very fine pumice and good for achieving a "dirty polish" on your glass where visibly the glass will appear polished, but closer inspection would reveal a fine level of abrasiveness on the glass surface. This is a good pumice for the bottoms and less seen areas of your glass where a cerium polish is not necessary.

We also have a Learn page on pumice that can be accessed through this link.

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