I don't have plumbing in my shop, how do I get water to my grinder?

There are a number of solutions for getting water to your grinder if you don't have any plumbing readily available in your shop. The easiest way is to simple use a bucket with a submersible pump and fill it with clean water. The line from the pump connects to your grinder and then have the drain line empty to a separate bucket.

If constantly refilling a bucket does not suit you, you can also set up a cascade water recycling system. We are not generally very fond of recycling your water when you are grinding, but if you have no choice, then using a Water Cascade system is the best way to implement this type of design.

You can download a spec sheet of how to create a cascade system by clicking on the PDF below or by going under our Support tab, choosing Downloads and downloading the PDF file from there.

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