What are the differences between your various Radiused Wheels?

We offer a number of radius profiled wheels for punty removal and batuto work on your pieces.

For the rough grinding of the piece we offer the electroplated Spherical Miracle wheels from Abrasive Technology. The standard electroplated wheels have one single layer of diamond on the hub of the wheel that allow for the grinding of the glass. Once that single layer of diamond is exhausted, you need to purchase a new wheel. We also offer radiused sintered wheels both from Abrasive Technology and from VID.

The Abrasive Technology wheels are manufactured domestically in the US and come in the same widths as the electroplated Spherical Miracle wheels. The VID Bohemia wheels are manufactured in Russia and have a bit more of an industry track record with their performance. The wheels are slightly different in widths than the US made wheels as the 4 inch diameter wheels are slightly wider and the 6 inch wheels are slightly narrower. This may or may not cause issue with your normal routine.

The sintered wheels have the advantage of roughly 10mm of diamond depth on the wheel. In essence, they will last over decades of use compared with the standard electroplated wheels.

We also offer our own resin bonded diamond and felt wheels for pre-polish and polish of glass surfaces after being ground with the rougher diamond wheels. We also now carry pre-polish and polish wheels from Polpur in the Czech Republic in a radiused profile

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