Which saw blade do you recommend?

That is a very subjective question and can range depending on what you are trying to cut and the surface you are trying to achieve from that cut.

Our diamond blades are all recommended and work well for cutting glass. There are many diamond blades on the market and most that come with a standard wet tile saw are engineered more for cutting stone and tile than they are for glass. There are very subtle differences in how a blade is manufactured as to how well it will perform cutting glass.

Most of our blades are separated into three categories: Rough slabbing blades, medium cutting blades, and fine cut blades.

Rough slabbing blades would be along the lines of the Husqvarna Superlok saw blade in 14 inch. This is a thicker core with a more aggressive diamond for removing larger chunks of glass or for cutting through thicker material. It will cause quite a bit of edge chipping and material loss, but are highly efficient at cutting through material. Please don't confuse the larger Superlok blade with the smaller Superlok Glass+ blades which are fine cut blades.

A more medium cutting blade would be the MK-303 blades and the Result blades. These blades minimize the edge chipping you'll see from a slabbing blade, but will still cut through material relatively quickly. You'll generally have less material loss so these are very nice "middle of the road" blades that give nice clean cuts but are still efficient.

Fine cut blades would be along the lines of the MK-215GL and the Husqvarna Superlok Glass+ blades. These blades have a finer grit diamond in the blade that gives a very clean cut with very little edge chipping. The sacrifice you make for nice clean cut with minimal material loss is time. These blades will take much longer to cut through the material, but will give you a much nicer surface.

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