What are the differences in the Cerium Oxides that you carry?

We carry five main ceriums: SA22, Superox 100T, Ceri-Tec, Cer-Optik, and Cerox 1663.

SA22 is our lowest cost cerium oxide. It has about a 55% cerium content, which is rather low. It is an orange colored cerium so it will stain your clothing if you get it on yourself. It will also take much longer to polish and use more slurry to accomplish that polish given the low purity level of the cerium.

The Superox 100T is an orange colored cerium with a high particle density and about 80% cerium purity. This gives it a very high ability to "cling" to the glass and polish very quickly. This also means that it will cling to your clothing and will not wash out if you happen to stain your clothes with it. It also means that if you have a piece with many "nooks and crannies," then the Superox will tend to want to stick in those areas of your glass and you will have a hard time removing it (if you let it dry in there, you can't remove it at all).

Ceri-Tec was formulated to be a consumer alternative to the optic grade Cerox 1663. It is a white cerium oxide with about an 85% cerium content and high density/low particle size. It won't stain your clothing as badly as the Superox 100T and polishes very quickly. It is a suspension treated cerium, so it should stay in solution quite readily when mixed with water and require less cerium to accomplish a polish in a short amount of time.

Cer-Optik is our newest cerium and is a non suspension treated 99.9% pure white cerium. It will accomplish a polish in very short order but will also require you to shake your slurry in order to keep it in suspension.

We also carry one high grade cerium mostly used in the optics industries: Cerox 1663. Most people familiar with them already know their attributes and they are rarely needed for most studio glass work. We would heartily recommend the Cerox 1663 for virtually any polishing need you have as it is a very high quality cerium.

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