How do I use the 3M DP-105?

3M's DP-105 adhesive is formulated for glass to metal use. It comes packaged in what is called a Duo-pack. The Duo-pack contains both Part A (the resin) and Part B (the hardener) in a plastic pack with two tubes. This pack requires the use of an applicator gun (3M's 9170 epoxy applicator). You slide the Duo-Pack into the applicator gun and use the trigger on the gun to expel equal amounts of the DP-105 from both tubes.

You can then either manually mix the epoxy on a piece of flat glass or a dish or other work area, or you can also use a mixing nozzle that attaches to the front of the Duo-Pack and will pre-mix the epoxy for you.

We generally suggest the use of the mixing nozzle as it makes application of the DP-105 much easier. The DP-105 has a 5 minute working time, so having the epoxy pre-mixed as it ejects from the Duo-Pack saves considerable amount of time and removes any chance of introducing bubbles into the mixture.

Be aware that if you allow the epoxy to sit still in the mixing nozzle for longer than 5 minutes, the tip of the nozzle will seal up with cured epoxy. This makes the mixing nozzles a "one job" use. Once you stop ejecting the epoxy, the nozzle will effectively become a cap for the Duo-Pack. You can leave the nozzle on the Duo-Pack until you need to use the epoxy again. Then just take that mixing nozzle off the Duo-Pack and put a new one on.

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