I dropped a piece of glass on my disk, did I mess my disk up?

Probably not.

A dropped piece of glass is going to happen, at one point or another, to just about everyone. Our Electroplated disks are made strong enough to withstand most of those drops without any problem at all.

At most you might notice a small ding on the disk. This is usually nothing to worry about and will not affect the grinding of the disk.

If you dropped a piece hard enough that the ding caused the disk to "ripple up" around the ding, then you may have to take a hammer and lightly hammer the ripple back down.

If the ding has broken through the electroplating on the disk, you need to make sure that the electroplating is not starting to delaminate from the disk. If this occurs, you need to stop using the disk immediately. Delaminating plating can be very dangerous on a spinning disk and can cause a serious accident if ignored.

This is very rare for a dropped piece to damage a disk to the extreme that the plating will start delaminating.

As with any other problem with your disk, if you are unsure, give us a call or send us the disk to inspect for you.

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