How fast should I run my Diamond Disks?

The speed of your machine will depend on the size of your disk. Remember that diamonds like to run fast and, although you can run them slower, their efficiency will be greatly compromised by slower speeds.

Our recommendations for shaft speed are these:

12 – 14 inch disk 1050 – 1575 RPM
16 inch disk 800 – 1200 RPM
18 – 20 inch disk 700 – 1050 RPM
24 inch disk 500 – 750 RPM

If you are only grinding with your machine, stick to the high end of the scale, if you'll be grinding and polishing with your machine, go for the lower end. You won't see a lot of difference in the grinding efficiency, but you'll really need that lower speed when you go to use your polishing pad

The best of both worlds would be a variable speed machine that will accommodate both faster grinding and slower polishing.

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