Can I use your diamond cones or domes with the CrystalMaster Pro or the 8 inch Mini Grinder?


Both the Crystalmaster Pro and the 8 inch Mini Grinder are direct drive grinders so the shaft is directly mounted onto the motor that runs it.

The shafts are too small to accommodate a threaded shaft so there is nothing to mount the cones or domes to on the grinder. The smaller shafts would also not handle the torque that is applied to them when using a cone or dome and you would wreck the grinder.

All the Covington grinders in 12 inch, 18 inch, and 24 inch have a threaded shaft where you can use our cones and domes and and the WaterJet Design grinders in 18 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inch also have threaded shafts to accommodate the cones and domes.

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