What's the difference between brazed and sintered points?

Brazed points are a form of electroplating that greatly increases the strength of the electroplated bond on the metal. It is still an electroplated product, so there is only one layer of diamond on the point and once that is exhausted you will need to purchase a new point.

Sintered points have diamond throughout the entire tip of the diamond point. As it wears down, it will expose new diamonds for a more consistent long-term cutting surface. The drawbacks are that a sintered point can lose its profile if you are not careful with its use. You also must be more careful with heat build up on a sintered point as you can also melt the tip off the point. Overall, the sintered points will last much longer with a much better cut rate than the comparable brazed diamond point.

We also offer kits with the more typical electroplated diamond on the point. These points will not last as long as the brazed points but they are a good choice for deciding which shape works best for your project and then you can decide between that shape in the brazed or sintered points for longevity.

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