How do I polish from the Fantasy shaped Engraving wheels?

This has been a long standing dilemma for many engravers and glass artists. Many simply do not polish those surfaces or will etch the surface for uniformity or attempt to have the surfaces acid polished.

Now we offer a way to easily and quickly pre-polish and polish the surfaces created with the Fantasy shaped wheels, be it electroplated or sintered.

Working with Polpur in the Czech Republic we now offer their Lapi-T wheels in 4 inch x 1/4 inch shape to match the electroplated and sintered Fantasy Wheel profiles from V-shape, to Full Circle, to Straight Edged.

Using the Lapi-T wheels you can pre-polish your engraving or carving and then use the Brown cerium impregnated wheel with water to achieve a quick, bright polish with minimal effort and no slurries.

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