What are Trizact Belts?

Trizact is a material formulated by 3M that has millions of tiny pyramid shapes full of aluminum oxide. The encapsulated aluminum oxide provides efficient, quick grinding on your glass and the tiny pyramid shapes provide an excellent "bite" to the belt for quick clean up of surfaces.

Trizact belts come in 400, 800, and 1800 grit for smoothing and pre-polishing of your glass. They leave a smooth, clean surface that is easy to polish from and quickly obtained.

Due to the structure of the Trizact material, it will create more heat on the surface of your glass than a comparable silicon carbide belt. It's important to be aware of this faster heat build up so you do not unintentionally damage your glass while using them.

3M also makes Cerium belts in the Trizact pyramid material that are used to polish the glass quickly and efficiently with no slurry.

In a hexagonal form, there are also Trizact belts with silicon carbideembedded for fantastic life and cut rate even on grits up to 800.

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