What's the difference between Electroplated and Electrostatic Diamond belts?

Both Electroplated and Electrostatic belts are diamond belts. The Electroplated belts are formed similar to the way our diamond disks are made. The diamond is locked into the surface of the belt with nickel and provides a consistent aggressive grind with a long life on the belt.

Electrostatic diamond belts are formed by electrically charging an adhesive material that then attracts the diamond to the material and causes the diamond to stand straight up on the material. This provides a very aggressive consistent grind similar to the grind accomplished by the electroplated diamond disk, but with a significantly lower price. Due to the nature of the diamond being held in an adhesive matrix instead of a metal matrix, the belts will not last as long as an electroplated belt, but will last significantly longer than a comparable silicon carbide belt and retain it's consistency.

An electrostatic diamond will give a somewhat finer grind on the glass than a comparable electroplated belt.

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